I'm happiness because I am young!


I’m happiness because I am young!

It’s a great age that Internet borned and developing faster and faster. I’m excited that I borned and live in the wonderful age. Because we are youthful, we accept the new thing faster and easier than our parents. Internet is almost youths’ world now. My parents don’t know what Blog is, what Google is, what Flickr is and so on. But I know, they are parts of my life. I cann’t imagine what my life is if I have no Internet. And, in fact, I have it. It makes my life more colorful.

Because I’m young, I can do many things my parents cann’t. For example, I play basketball every week, I love computer games, I often do many day-dreams, I can dressed fashion and more. But the people aged are tired to do these, they must think about their livelihood, about their children, even when they are in spare time. Because the are old, and we are young.

We are luck, because we are young. But we cann’t play only. Time flies quickly and never to be recalled. We ‘ll be old one day. So we must treasure the time when we are young.


一条回应 to “I'm happiness because I am young!”

  1. Jeff北風 Says:

    i just want to make sure that everything in your life is shaping well… anyway, it seems that u really enjoy yourselve!
    i have new space now- northwind.shineblog.com. By the way… i’m 16, i’m younger than u!!!hehe>


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